The fee for a comprehensive financial plan is based on the complexity of your situation.

The fee for ongoing financial planning services and investment advisory services is a flat dollar amount that is also based on the complexity of your situation and our estimate of how much time it will take to provide services to you.  The fee is adjusted once a year to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index (as it was calculated in 1980).  Some clients prefer a fee that is based on a percentage of assets under management, so we offer that option as well.  The fee is billed quarterly and is payable in arrears. Fees attributable to investment advice for a traditional IRA can be debited from that IRA as a non-taxable distribution.

Fees paid from a taxable account for investment advice that does not relate to the production of tax-exempt income, or for tax planning (which includes federal and state income, gift and estate taxes) are generally deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction under the Internal Revenue Code. Some clients deduct the entire fee as an investment expense.

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